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Dr. Ichsan Ichsan, MSc (Hons), PDEng

Renewable Energy, Circular Economy, Sustainable Product, Waste Management


Dr. Ichsan has more than 16 years experience in the field of renewable energy including geothermal, biodiesel, bioethanol, biomass, biogas, microalgae-fuel based, solar photovoltaic, wind energy, hydropower and energy efficiency, auditing and benchmarking.


In waste management he has worked in organic waste processing with maggot black soldier flies, waste-to-biofuel, industrial wastewater treatment, and waste water for algae-to-protein.


Additionally Dr. Ichsan has more than 8 years experience in developing rural areas, more than 350 villages throughout Indonesia, and cooperating with more than 80 local governments regencies.


Between 2014-2018, he was the Senior Manager of Renewable Energy for the biggest grant project in Indonesia (USD 600 million) at MCA-Indonesia (a Trust Fund organization from US Government, under BAPPENAS), and was in charge of managing a USD 200 million grant for renewable energy projects and 85% of them were allocated across more than 100 remote villages.


Between 2011-2013, Dr. Ichsan was the Project Director for an integrated biogas-microalgae project utilizing palm industry wastes (about EUR 2 million of grant from the Dutch Government), the Project Director for feasibility studies of wastes from palm oil mills in Riau Province and the Project Director of training coconut farmers how to utilize their coconut wastes in Central Kalimantan Province (about USD 300,000 of grant from the Finnish Government).


In 2012, he was the Team Leader for Monitoring & Evaluation of Rural Electrification Projects at the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources. Approximately 300 projects were evaluated and improved through his consultation.


Previously, Dr. Ichsan was a Circular Economy Advisor at The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He was also the liaison for the Dutch Partner-in-Business Cluster in Indonesia, consisting of about 8 Dutch companies, under the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ”Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland” (RVO) developing circular economy concepts for municipal solid wastes, an eco-park and eco-port.


He has been working together with the Indonesia Solid Waste Association (InSWA) since last year preparing a high-level national webinar in solid waste management, officially launched in March 2021 by the Indonesia Minister of Environment & Forestry with around 200 heads of regencies participating.


Ichsan is one of the founders and the Secretary General of the Indonesian Carbon Initiative.


Dr. Ichsan believes in “sustainable development for a sustainable future by empowering local community knowledge”.

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