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Sally Halstead, Dip. H. E.

Sally Halstead is a director of RCA Carbon, with a focus on wellbeing through climate health, social impact and food security.

With a deep background in the research-based world of conventional medicine, and a Diploma in health education, Sally has slowly transitioned from focusing only on individual people’s wellness to also encompassing planetary health. Her emphasis now is on biodiversity protection, ethno botany and eco-pharmacology, and delivering positive social impact benefits for local communities.

Sally believes climate change is a public health issue with quantifiable individual risks. For the best outcome for both people and planet, biodiversity conservation is of paramount importance, due to the indubitably symbiotic relationship between nature and human.


She understands that through our carbon optimized agroforestry system, naturally enriched soil health provides better food quality and consequently healthier people. This planet-first approach guarantees food security: affordable, high quality, nutrient dense foodstuffs for the end consumer.


The livelihood empowerment delivered by our RCA Carbon projects creates positive impact for indigenous landowners and benefits local communities. Sally’s current passion is clean cooking for all, which especially affects women’s health. As a member of WOMAG (women in agriculture) she supports diversity in the workplace.


Sally is currently focusing on new projects centred on coconut carbon as a clean cooking fuel, an issue that particularly affects women’s health, and the production of biochar from coconut biomass.


“Earth is not a platform for human life. It’s a living being. We are not on it, but part of it. Its health is our health.” Thomas Moore, author of Care of The Soul.

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