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Simon Trombine, S.H.

Simon is the senior legal advisor to RCA Carbon and representative of FTW law firm, which he joined in 2001 as the paralegal and associate lawyer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law from the University of Udayana Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 2004. In 2005 he undertook a special advocacy course in 2005 and was appointed and sworn in as an Indonesian advocate in 2007 when he also became a member of the Indonesian bar association PERADI and began work as an active lawyer and made partner of FTW law firm in 2014.


As a litigation and corporate lawyer with almost 20 years experience his expertise is in civil law, business and corporate law, legal drafting and contract law, legal due diligence (legal audit) and legal opinion, land and acquisition law and alternative dispute resolution (negotiation and mediation settlement).


Simon has worked with both Indonesian and expatriate parties on personal and corporate cases, including Indonesian and foreign investment companies, including international companies in Japan and Europe.


Simon’s personal philosophy is “Per Aspera ad Astra”, through hardship to the stars, by forward motion, an open mind, continual learning, patience and passion. His goal is to help and serve his clients in their legal matters and contribute his lengthy law experience to the team to preserve the environment for the coming generations.

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