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Yofani (Vonny) Francis Yuki, SE, Akt., MM, MSM

Commissioner, RCA Carbon, Founder/ Chairman “Rumah Biru Sejahtera” RBS Co-Operative, Managing Partner, “Fish On”


Vonny is commissioner of RCA Carbon with a focus on welfare through climate improvement, social impact, and supply chain sustainability of agricultural products espeically through the improvement of digitalized ecosystems and the role of women in policymaking and involvement in its implementation. 


A social entrepreneur with specialised skills in community engagement and development, and a passion for gender issues and cooperatives, Vonny has a master’s degree in financial management from the University of Indonesia (cum laude).


She has developed environmentally friendly digital-based agriculture and maritime businesses with the millennial youth community to ensure a sustainable supply chain and efficient and profitable business turnover. Vonny has helped build agricultural ecosystems from upstream to downstream to create food security and sovereignty.


Her ability to become a social entrepreneur in the supply chain sector and work with the community is due to her experience as an entrepreneur building her own business in logistics, trading, supply and training for the hospitality industry, as well as her experience as a project director for women's health and reproduction programs with local NGOs.


Vonny learned about renewable energy during her assistance to the senior advisor for the World Bank funded Waesano Geothermal National strategic program in Flores, helping the team solve the surrounding social issues.


Her leadership skills and experience working with communities, as well as her experience in local and central government collaboration greatly assist in accelerating the optimization of climate improvement through the RCA Carbon approach.


Her motto is “Give as much good as possible to nature, then nature will maintain your survival”.

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