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Carbon Optimised Agroforestry

RCA Carbon Pty Ltd is based in Australia. RCA operates business unit partnerships located in Indonesia and India as a regenerative agroforestry project developer.


RCA natural climate solutions aim to remove and store carbon within the critical themes of food security, livelihoods, and biodiversity conservation.


Our C represents core focus areas within Regen Agroforestry.








Carbon farming

Circular economy

The Futurisation of Shade Grown Agriculture

Climate-change mitigation and adaptation investment has overlooked the role of long-living tropical perennials such as coconut, coffee, and cacao, along with their waste biomass potential and contribution to soil health.


We are changing that.

Carbon Optimised Biomass

Proximity fast pyrolysis investment converts waste agri-biomass to biochar and sustainable wood products. 

Biochar Carbon Removal | BCR

Targeted Outcomes


Carbon farming

Enriched soil health

Carbon removal and storage

Benefiting Climate | Biodiversity | Investors | Communities

Scalable Impact for the Global South

RCA Team is built on a two decades track record of delivering change in global south agriculture through technology and impact investment.

Local Teams | On the Ground | Standards | Technology

Agroforestry project developer

Biochar Carbon Removal (BCR) for improved food production and soil health

Livelihood empowerment for local communities and indigenous landowners

Digitizing on farm data

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Recent News

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