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Carbon Farming

Problem - Quantifiable soil health data and standards are lacking in the Global South. 

Solution - Software imports soil and farm data and benchmarks CO2 for different geographies, soil types, and farming systems.

Transition - Farmers transition to ReGen through carbon farming credits and market access for low carbon commodities. 


RCA digitises on farm primary data, quantifies soil health and identifies soil health drivers to offer farmers a verified roadmap to regenerative improvements.

Global carbon sink  |  Net Zero  |  Carbon smart supply chains

Credibility  |  Resilience  |  Permanence


RCA MRV (Monitoring Reporting and Verification) agritech solutions quantify carbon, on farm operational data, social impact & ESG metrics by digitisation all primary data to deliver key ecosystem services, social and economic data to stakeholders and enterprise clients.


Scaling of technology for regenerative practices will accelerate global soil health conservation as a critically needed carbon sink.

Agrotechnology  |  Tangible MRV 

Engineered Carbon Removal

RCA prioritises science based methodologies for Biochar Carbon Removal (BCR).


Biochar is a stable, solid form of carbon produced from waste biomass that can endure in soil for thousands of years, making is an available technology for scalable carbon removal and prevention of GHG from decomposing waste biomass.


Nature-based Solutions (NBS) do form part of RCA replanting and reforestation activities however, NBS can be difficult to quantify additionality. Topical concerns over “phantom credits” that do not represent genuine carbon reductions are constraining some NBS projects.

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