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Natural Climate Solutions 

RCA Carbon projects deploy innovative and integrated modules as natural climate solutions.

By transitioning an aging, diminishing and unbalanced agri-estate to RCA the entire supply-chain metrics and optics are strengthened. 

No new land. Afforestation, Reforestation and Biomass projects are within a pre-existing agri-landscape.

Balancing Food First and Forest First Approaches.


Indigenous farmers often participate in traditional regenerative practices without recognition or reward.


In formalising systems that increase productivity and facilitate access to climate finance, we create new incentives for the transition towards sustainability in the Global South.

Agroecology  |  Tangible near term climate action  

Carbon Finance

We are developing projects that connect carbon finance to replanting scaleability (afforestation and reforestation) within coconut plantations and the complimentary tree species of coffee, cacao and cashew.  


Our projects facilitate stakeholder investment in a carbon smart supply chain. 

Mitigation  |  Adaptation  |  Resilience  

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