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Coconut Knowledge Center’s Haigan Murray;  

"In working towards positive change in tropical agri-sectors and connecting with smallholder farmers, we see first-hand the unbalanced supply-chains and lack of smallholder incentives, viewed from a simple metric, the failure of coconut tree replanting.


The demise of coconut is a real prospect.  First acknowledged by ACIAR in 2007, little has changed to alter the systemic productivity decline due to ageing trees.  Despite growth in coconut consumer products, in the Philippines and Indonesia alone an estimated 2.3 million hectares of plantations are senescent.


We hope that a paradigm shift in coconut-based agricultural systems, as envisaged by RCA Carbon, will incentivise planting (afforestation and reforestation) and engage the smallholder farmer and industry stakeholders in the development of a new investment climate for the Tree of Life.


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Restoring Soils

RCA biochar modules bring down GHG emissions and reduce the open burning of crop residues (slash and burn practices) and associated poor air quality impact.


Sustainable farming is dependent on soil organic carbon to maintain soil health.


We believe that Biochar has tremendous potential to restore soil productivity and increase crop yields while storing carbon underground.

Regenerative Carbon Agroforestry.

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Waste Biomass

RCA Carbon adopts the assumption, that in the context of climate change, the value of biomass for removing carbon from the atmosphere may exceed the value of using biomass for energy generation. (The Aines Principal, BiCRS, ICEF)


Our biomass feedstock is the high volume of agricultural waste produced from coconut-based agroforestry. 


RCA offers up an innovative, and predictive waste biomass solution for BiCRS project development, as a pathway to achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and IEA NZE (Net Zero 2050).


BiCRS - Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage

(Innovation for Cool Earth Forum, ICEF BiCRS Roadmap 2021)

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