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BiCRS (Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage)

RCA Carbon adopts the assumption, that in the context of climate change, the value of biomass for removing carbon from the atmosphere may exceed the value of using biomass for energy generation. ( “The Aines Principal” ICEF 1. )

RCA feedstock is the predicative high volume of biomass waste from coconut agriculture systems, and a value proposition arranged around the concept of Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS 2.). “Our analysis suggests that BiCRS processes could capture and store 2.5-5.0 gigatons of CO2 annually (GtCO2/y) by mid-century”.

  1. Roger Aines is the Chief Scientist, Energy Program, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

  2. BiCRS - Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage - The BiCRS Roadmap was published in January 2021, as a new hybrid approach to biomass utilisation within global climate change objectives.


David Sandalow Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University, Chair, ICEF Innovation Roadmap Project

Roger Aines Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Julio Friedmann Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University

Colin McCormick Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Daniel L. Sanchez Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California-Berkeley


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